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1) OTEC stands for – Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

2) Bronze is an alloy of – Copper and Tin

3) Iron Ore – Siderite

4) Silviculture – Art and Science of cultivating forest trees

5) Arid Forest Research Institute –  Jodhpur

6) Area of bad luck and extra-terrestrial activity- Bermuda Triangle

7) Bleaching Power used in Fish pond is working as – Parasticide

8) Fishing gear- Devices used to catch prawn and lobsters such as nets, traps, hooks and even hands.

9)Miss World Title Holders from India –

10) Lifetime of an LED – 50000hr

11)Safe Threshold limit of CO2 – 350 PPM

12) Detection of gravitation wave – Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity

13) Syngas is a mixture of – CO, H2, CO, N2

14) Committee constituted by the union government to continuously monitor the solutions to air pollution – C.K. Mishra Committee

15) Two Major functional components of ecosystem are – Nutrient Cycling and Energy Flow

16) Extinct, Critically Endangered and Vulnerable are the categories assigned to the species by – IUCN

17) India’s rank in Inclusive Development Index- 60th

18) Theme for international Disaster Risk Reduction, 2017 – Home Safe Home : reducing Exposure, Reducing Displacement

19) Give It Up Campaign – LPG Subsidy

20) Recently , International union of concerned scientists down-listed which of the following from the list of endangered to vulnerable – Snow Leopard

21) Ministry of Home Affairs response to Naxal Problem- Samadhan Doctrine.

22) Ports that are part of China’s String of Pearls – Hambantota and Gwadar ( Both A and B – as in Question set)

23) IAU named two mountain ranges on the dwarf plant Pluto after – Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary

24) Gold Medal in 2017 Asian Women’s Boxing Champions – Mary Kom

25) India reelected as member of executive board of – UNESCO

26) First state to ratify GST – Assam

27) GST was introduced as – 101 Amendment Act

28) Note introduced immediately after Demonetization – 2000

29) No Helmet No Petrol – Andhra Pradesh

30) Indica was written by – Megasthenes

31) Rajtarangini composed by Kalhan – History of Medieval Kashmir

32) Kalinga War – 260 B.C.

33) Nagara Style temples in Bhubaneswar – Lingaraja Temple, Mukteswara Temple, Parasurameswara Temple

34) Alauddin Khilji –  Malik Muhammad Jayasi’s Padmavat

35) Never elected to the Presidentship of INC- Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan

36) Vedanta centers when Swami Vivekanand visited USA in 1899 –  Chicago and New York

37) Enfranchisement Resolution of women in 1917 congress session of INC – Sarojini Naidu

38) V.D. Savarkar authored – The Indian War of Independence

39) The peasant movement not properly matched – Pabna Agrarian Movement- Maharasta

40) Satyabadi School – Gopabandhu Das

41) Not a member of Cabinet Mission – Archibald Wavell

42) Quartzite is – Metamorphic rock

43) Town located on Tropic of Cancer – Bhopal

44) Correct descending order of Indian Union territories on the basis of area- Andaman & Nicobar, Delhi, Pondicherry

45) Oldest mountain – Aravalli

46) Indian Forest tree species not correctly matched – Savanna Forest – Pipal

47) Maitoor Project – Kaveri

48) Ideal temperature for growth of coral – 20-25C

49) TropicalCyclones are not found between 10N latitude and 10S latitude due to – Minimum Coriolis Force

50) Famous for Cotton Textile Industry – Lancashire

51) Zawar Mines of Udaipur- Zinc

52) Greatest producer of wind energy – Tamilnadu

53) Not part of Steel Authority of India – Jamshedpur

54) Pygmy Tribe – Congo Basin

55) Highest Anthracite reserve- USA

56) Modification of constitution by simple majority – None of the Options

57) Chairman of Constituent Assembly – Dr. Rajendra Prasad

58) Indian Federation based on – Canada

59) Part of DPSP-Directive Principles of State Policy – All of the options are correct (1,2,3)

60) Philosophy of Indian Constitution based on – Objectives Resolution of Pandit Nehru

61) Not part of State Reorganization Commission – Potti Sriramulu

62) Parliament has no power to repeal fundamental rights because – Part of basic structure of Constitution

63) Not an element of Secular State –  Taxation on Religious Property

64) Bi-cameral Legislature at central level- GOI Act, 1919

65) All Communalism is harmful….. – Bipin Chandra

66) Article 371- Maharastra and Gujarat

67) Not a correct statement regarding unitary system – There is constitutional division of powers between the central and the local governments

68) 73rd Amendment act does not apply to – Nagaland, Mizoram, Jammu and Kashmir, Meghalaya (1,2,3,4)

69) Chairman and Member of UPSC hold office for –  6 years

70) Not a salient feature of Indian Constitution – Committed Judiciary

71) Not a cause of Inequality in India – The answer is debatable – Law of Inheritance or Growth of Service Sector in India (Because service sector only helped those who could afford higer education and it is not employment-intensive instead it is skill-intensive- Service sector resulted in islands of prosperity in sea of poverty in India and it widened the gap of inequality as it only helped a very limited section of society but from a broader perspective it had helped all section through forward and backward linkage- hence debatable)

72) Not an objective of NITI Aayog – Allocation of financial resources to states ( as it is done by Finance Commission)

73) Defination of Sustainable Development – Present Generation fulfills its needs while considers the need of the future generation (Inter-generational parity is the concept that underlie sustainable development)

74) Not a cause of growing consumerism in India – Growing Inequality in India

75) NAFED – National Level

76) Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana – Dept of Financial resources, Ministry of Finance

77) Human Capital Formation – Development of abilities and skills of people

78) Special Economic Zone – To give a boost to export of manufactured goods

79) Janani Surakhshya Yojana – 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme

80) Inclusive growth in India  can be achieved – Through Progressive Taxation

81) Payment Banks – Accepts Deposits, provide payments and remittance services, distribute third party financial products but are not allowed to lend or issue cards.

82) usual Principal Status Employment is measured in – Number of persons who remained unemployed for a majority part of the year

83) Tendulkar Committe – Poverty Estimation

84) Highest FDI – Service Sector

85) Not part of Noble prize on Physics – Jay Hannigam

86) Dark Colored Soil with high water holding capacity  – Clay and humus ( Dark due to presence of humus)

87) Introduction of new life forms in a denuded habitat is initiated by – Migration

88) Biological Equilibrium is the balance between – Producer, Consumers and Decomposers

89) BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) in a pond ecosystem increases due to – High Density of aquatic macrophytes

90) Ozone Layer affected by – CFC

91) CH4 estimated to have – 21 times of CO2 potential as far as global warming is concerned.

92) Pollutants like Phenol and Mercury can be removed from water by – Either Electro-Dialysis or Biological Oxidation ( Different Sources Mention different methods) 

93) Earth Summit- Rio-De-Jeneiro

94) LNG – Liquefied Natural gas

95) Kyoto Protocol singed in – 1997

96) First nuclear reactor in India – Apsara

97) Bio-Gas plant- Anaerobic Digester

98) Pollutant generated in high quantity by thermal power plants – SO2 ( Debatable though as they generate high amount of fly-ash as well and a while back Govt. Of India notified a policy with respect to it, hence debatable, but lets stick to SO2)

99) The greatest crisis faced by Akbar in 1580-81 – The disgruntled nobles and officers declared Akbar’s half-brother Mirza Hakim as their ruler.

100) Dayanand Saraswati – Tibet, Bal Gangadhar Tilak – Arctic region, Max Muller – Central Asia, Ganganath Jha – Sapta Sindhu Region ( A-2, B-4, C-1, D-3)