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Important Topics Must be covered for Mains-2017

*This topics seems to be important and must be covered from Mains point of view. Will keep on adding if we come across any important topics.


  1. Improving quality of teaching and learning (Link it with the recent test where only 17% candidates have passed the Bihar Teacher Eligibility Test (BTET)Link-Click Here
  2. How to improve access of quality education in rural
  3. Role of e-learning in primary education

Good Governance:-

  1. Role of ICT in enabling good governance – Accountability, transperency and effective governance


  1. Reason behind malnutrition and how to tackle malnutrition in India – especially more than 200 district where stunting is prevalent ( try to create a thematic map of it as well)

Internal Security:-

  1. Emerging issues like cyber threats and how to tackle it
  2. Radicalization and strategies to de-radicalize


  1. Current status of unemployment
  2. How to generate more employment
  3. Critical analysis of Skill India mission

Clean India:-

  1. Managing solid waste and methods to create awareness for cleanliness

National Integration:-

  1. India has gained political integration and recently economic integration through GST, what else can lead India on the path of national integration where the diversity is large and regionalism is a threat to national security. In sum how to create an India where people will consider themselves as Indians first and Hindi, Tamil, Telugu or Punjabi later. (Ek Bharat Srestha Bharat)


  1. How to house the houseless ( Urban slum and disaster resilient rural infrastructure etc)

Green Mobility:-

  1. How to make our transport carbon-neutral ?
  2. What is the use of electric vehicles- challenges and prospects
  3. How to create integrated mobility system – Faster, Smoother, Green and affordable


  1. Making India a less-cash economy – challenges, opportunities and way forward



September 28, 2017

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